Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Necessity Pack: 101

Alright, so I'd like to start off by saying that I am an organised person and I truly enjoy it when everything is in its proper place. Having said that, please bear with me when saying that I always have three kits with me. These three kits are as follows: my make-up bag (expect an article on that pretty soon!), my "any Time, any Place Kit" which is usually situated in the trunk of my car (will blog about this, too!) and my "On the Go" Kit. Naturally, this article will be dedicated to my "On the Go" Kit.

The items I carry around with me in this Kit are basically the items I may need in everyday situations, excluding emergencies and life-threatening situations. If you would be so kind to direct your attention to the uploaded visuals, you will see what my kit looks like emptied out.
The items are as follows:
1. Hair Clips - for when I need to touch up, but my fringe is in the way
2. Vichy Aqua Thermal - for freshing up throughout the day, without smearing my make-up
3. Flash Memory USB device - for when I need to store some data on the go
4. Avon Body Scented Water - for mfreshing up throughout the day (pomegranate sceneted)
5. Influenxa/Cold medications - these 'seasonal' b*tches bring me down every now and then
6. Carex Hand Sanitizer - we hate germs INC
7. Wet wipes - for smudges and sanitizing (lemon-scented)
8. Nivea Men Deodorant Spray - gotta love those travel sizes
9. Peach Breath Mints - self-explanatory
10. Foundation-in-a-jar - my everyday foundation in a tiny jar ^.^
11. Baking Soda - multitude of purposes (for reference, click here )
12. SkinCode matifier - an S.O.S. treatment for oily T-zone/Face
13. Avene Cold Cream Lip Balm - works wonders on cold sores and chapped lips, of course
14. Avene oil-control gel - similar to #12
15. Skincare-related medication - for radiant skin
16. Neutrogena Hand Lotion - it says it's meant for your hands, but it also works well on elbows/knees

I hope you found this artcile helpful!

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