Thursday, 4 August 2011

DIY: Dual Brooch Chain

I suppose if you've been reading my previous articles, you would know how much I had fallen for these brooches. So here is my attempt at making my already vintage-looking blazer even more vintagy! My honest opinion is that it could have been done better and with more precision, however I was aiming at that slouchy look.

Materials I used:
2x big vintage buttons I found at a tailor's store
2x chains (strayed away from the coppery hues)
3x metal feathers from a pair of earrings I took apart
2x the needle-like mechanisms that brooches are attached to textile with (have no clue what they are called, but they resemble safety pins!)
1x silicone gun

I would love it if I were to receive feedback from You about this DIY project of mine.

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