Saturday, 11 June 2011

Tips & Tricks Vol. 1

I wanna start posting articles under the title of "Tips & Tricks" so that I can offer you guys ideas that you may have never thought of, but in all honesty, they would require little to absolutely no effort at all. I am warning you that they will be in no particular order and might seem a bit chaotic in nature, but I have this habit of putting things down on a piece of paper the very moment they spring to mind. So here's what I have accumulated so far:

1. Having issues with how messy loose eyeshadows can be? Take some out, using a spatula or a stiff brush and mix with eyedrops or any other suitable medium (such as M.A.C.'s Fix+)

2. Running your make-up pencils over a lighter will make them give out more pigmentation and more vibrant colours.

3. A lot of people use powder brushes incorrectly. They are not meant to buff powder into your skin. Generally, they are used to dust off the excessive powder you've already applied with a cosmetic puff. However, some make-up artists like using a fluffy powder brush to apply powder directly onto the skin surface, but by rolling the brush onto the skin, not by sweeping it across the face.

4. A common misconception about moisturizers is that you can apply them at any point of the day. True, nobody's stopping you, but in fact, they will have no long term effect. The bulk of moisturizers (face, hands, feet, etc) are created to attract water molecules and retain them. What I recommend doing is rinsing your face, hands, feet etc with lukewarm water, patting them almost dry and then applying moisturizer.

5. You like washing your face with warm/warm-to-hot water? Well, you should reconsider, as warm water dries out your skin. Switch to lukewarm or cold water - more beneficial for the skin.

6. Do you have problems with running make-up throughout the day, regardless of your attempts at setting it with a myriad of setting sprays & translucent powders? Check whether your primer and foundation are both water-based or oil-based. If one of them is oil-based and the other is water-based, no wonder you make-up is slipping off. And having in mind that most foundations are water-based nowadays, try to find a water-based primer as well.

7. You wake up and you are already running late for school/work/appointment, but your hair is oily and desperately needs a shower? Take baking soda and apply to hair roots and along the length of the tresses of hair. Baking soda neutralizes oils and gives your hair an instant recovery.

8. We all want to avoid that natural smell that hair tend to have (especially when it comes to 2nd day hair!), but you should know that applying perfume on your hair and exposing it to sunlight can damage the internal structure of your hairs. What I recomment doing is spraying your hairbrush with your perfume (just a pump or two) and then brushing your hair from the inside out.

9. You eyelashes are not holding curl? Try a waterproof formula when browsing for a mascara. Waterproof formulas are oil-based and contain waxes and oils, which hold the curl for an extended period of time. Of course, you will have to get a special eye make-up remover for removing waterproof make-up.

10. You don't want to lose your lip tint/colour/tar after having a bit or a drink? Apply vaseline/moisturizer and wait for it to sink in for about 10-15minutes. Afterwards, wipe off any excess and apply lip pencil onto the entire surface of your lips (not just the contour!) Then simply apply your regular lipstick!

11. Damaged hair and you don't want to pay for deep-conditioning treatment at the hair saloon? Well, crack that bottle of olive oil open, pour a teacup of it in a.... well tea cup (lol!) and microwave it for about a minute. Afterwards, simply apply it as a regular conditioner. Trick is, you will have to leave it for about 3-4hrs. Better yet, just sleep with it! In the morning, wash off with shampoo thoroughly.

12. You are sick of buying expensive make-up removers? Go to your local drugstore/apothecary and buy vegetable glycerin. A bottle of 200ml will suffice for about 200 regular-size make-up removers. Simply pour a little bit of the vegetable glycerin in a non-spray bottle and fill up the rest with water.

13. Popular one, but still pretty useful: Sometimes circumstances do not allow for one to chew gum and if you want to make sure that you do not have a case of bad breath, simply chew parsley for a minute or so. An ABSOLUTE breath freshener!

14. The majority of people suffer from undereye circles (dark circles). Yes, indeed, you can conceal them with any concealer, but when removing their make-up, usually one has to rub in order to remove make-up such as foundation/concealer. In attempts to prevent premature aging of the skin (and keep in mind that the undereye area is very gentle) simply avoid concealing with a concealer. An even better option is to apply brightener. They come in all shapes and sizes. Some are liquid brighteners and the packaging resembles one of a nail varnish. Others are in the form of a pencil/lipstick etc. Also, brightening that area will give you more of a pulled-together look.

15. Want an instant eyelift? Continue the concealing/brightening all the way to the ends of your eyebrows or to your temples. Instant age-defier!

16. Another common misconception about oily skin is that it doesn't need moisturizing. On the contrary! Every skin type needs it. But the beneficial result (in the long run, though) is that when applying moisture to oily skin, it adapts to receiving moisture from an outer source, so it starts to produce less oil, which leads you to a more balanced skin type.

17. We all know that eyesbrows are the IT fragments of the entire complexion. In order to give them a more defined/groomed look, simply run light/flesh-tone eyeshadow along the edges of your eyebrows.


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