Friday, 5 April 2013

Product Review: Boots Botanics Facial Oil

This is going to be a product review of the Boots Botanics Facial Oil.

For the benefits of this review, keep in mind my skin type is normal-to-dry (normal T-zone, dry cheeks and chin).

Product's Claims
(taken from the company's website - click!):

This aromatic oil melts into lacklustre skin to lock in moisture for 8 hours while softening, conditioning and helping to restore its natural glow.
Use regularly to boost the performance of your daily skincare regime.
Rosehip is nature's nourishing gem. The seeds are a rich source essential Omega oils, which help to improve suppleness and keep all skin types beautifully soft and healthy looking.
Our beauty scientists use active plant extracts approved by Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew, to bring you beautiful skincare that's proven to work.
We've taken steps to reduce our impact on the planet at every stage in this product's journey.
  • Formulated without parabens.
  • People tested.
  • Please recycle where possible.

I've been testing this product for roughly a week and I would say I have built an overall opinion of what it does and how it performs on my skin (which does NOT mean it would have the same effect on anybody else's, of course). I am applying a layer of average thickness onto my face every evening. I have NOT been doing so in the morning, as this product would have to be allowed to sink in, prior to further makeup application. Rough absorption speed: 20-30 minutes.

My Experience:

My skin feels more moisturised, but not significantly softer. However, it has not made my rougher.
It have experienced no break-outs.
It is very affordable: £9.99, but I got it £5 off, as there was/is a discount on the Boots Botanics range.

Cons: It is a glass container, which doesn't make it ideal for travelling.
The dispenser is a pipette , which is not among the most precise pipettes I've encountered and I work with pipettes in my academic facility's laboratory on a weekly basis.
I've experienced minor emphasis on a dry patch of skin on my chin. I would ascribe this to the fact that this product is meant to be used in conjunction with your evening moisturiser and for the purposes of this review, I've been using it on its own, as I wanted to acquire accurate, unbiased and fair results.
It has a very distinctive smell, which resembles rose oil and other herbal scents (I am placing this in the 'cons' category, as some people would not be able to tolerate the smell, regardless of the fact that it dissipates within 20-30 min.)

Overall Opinion:
I am pleased with the results on my normal-to-dry skin. I wouldn't recommend this product to anybody with dry to very dry skin, unless used in conjunction with a heavier evening moisturiser. I would recommend it to people with normal to oily skin (remember: oily skin needs moisture, as well!) As an addition to your skincare routine, it works well. I will continue repurchasing this, once it runs out, but I will be on the look-out for future discounts, as I am not willing to pay £9.99 for this product. I would say it's an appropriate inaugurating step into oils, if you are scared of using oils on your face because of possible break-outs. It claims to be 100% organic, which I can neither test, no vouch for. I would give it 8/10 as an overall grade

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