Sunday, 7 April 2013

Airplane Skincare Routine

I am going to the US in the Summer and, staying true to myself, I have already started thinking about my on-board skincare essentials. Since it is going to be a relatively long flight (roughly around 6 hours), I am planning on having a mini facial up in the air. I consider myself a bad flier, as I am generally nervous throughout flights and tend to feel rather dizzy and poorly, so I think taking my mind off the flight and onto a hobby/interest of mine - skincare, would prove to be somewhat relaxing.

First of all, I would like to share some interesting facts about airplanes and skin.
Normally, our skin requires an average of 40% air humidity to stay healthy. When it comes to airplanes, the air inside is being constantly filtered, which dries it down to about 8% humidity.
Also, it very germ-packed, because of the same reasons.
Whenever I fly my skin visibly dries out around my eyes, mouth and cheeks; I get multiple breakouts all around my face, which is untypical of my skin, as if I break out, it would be around the jawline/lower cheek area or around my eyebrows, as I do suffer the occasional ingrown hair.

Long & unnecessary intros aside, here is what I would do on a long-haul flight:

1. I would board the plane with absolutely no makeup on, just my daily moisturiser.
2. I would pack either antibacterial wipes or hand sanitiser, 16 fl Oz or less with respect to the latter, as otherwise, it will be confiscated by airline authorities (always check your airline's requirements & restrictions for on-board fluids/gels before packing!)
3. I would carry with me a bottle of 3.38 fl Oz (100 ml) of facial toner, alcohol-free, as alcohol dries out skin.
4. Along with the toner, I would have packed 5-6 round cotton pads for application/removal of products.
5. Then I would apply a moderate amount of my evening moisturiser, as I would like for my skin to retain as much moisture, as possible.
6. I would normally carry a few hair pins, so I would be able to pin my hair up, so I would be more comfortable whilst flying.
7. If my evening moisturiser is too thick for my lips, I would also pack with me any lip balm of choice.
8. I would carry with me a small plastic container (1.69 fl Oz/50 ml) of my hand cream and a pair of moisture-retaining gloves, so I could avoid having items slipping off my hands.
9. An absolute must-have is deodorant and since pressurised containers, such as typical pulveriser-spray deodorants, would be under heavy restrictions, I would normally opt for a stick deodorant.
10. I would also carry dental floss & breath strips, as they are more convenient than chewing gum and still help me with my dizziness up in the air.
11. Finally, and this is optional, I would take with me my SPF (4 fl Oz/118 ml), provided I would be exposed to direct sun light once I'm off the plane. I could also pack this in my regular luggage, as I can always take it out ad apply it at the airport, once I have landed & claimed my luggage.

I hope this was helpful!

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