Tuesday, 18 June 2013

My Favourite Movie Picks

There comes a time in one's life when they get exhausted of being asked to recommend good movies & not being able to come up with appropriate suggestions right on the spot. So here I have listed some of my top favourites, in accordance with  my top 3 genres of choice. I have not included Fantasy/Sci-Fi as a genre, as the list would be interminable (and I would do a horrible job at trying to stay unbiased)...

1. Thriller/Suspense:
a)Perfume - an appropriate rendition of the novel
b) The Prestige - a Hugh Jackman favourite of mine
c) Shutter Island - Leonardo DiCaprio nails it
d) Possession - contains Drama-esque motifs
e) The Lake House - elements of Drama & Fantasy, but keeps one on their toes
f) The Ghost (also known as 'The Ghost Writer) - Ewan McGregor is simply outstanding

2. Horror/Fantasy (please, keep in mind this is my favourite genre):
a) The Unborn - concentration camps' horror in modern Days
b) Dead Silence - marionettes
c) Pan's Labyrinth - set in the past, foreign
d) Hills Have Eyes - a classic of the early 2000's
e) Lady in the Water - purely Fantasy, but falls into a niche of its own almost
f) Angel-A - Fantasy, French-drama
g) Silence of the Lambs (or any of the Hannibal Lecter ones) - a true classic
h) It - Stephen King, 'nuff said

3. Homoerotic Subtext (keeping it clean, of course):
a) Milk - Sean Penn & James Franco - brilliant
b) Weekend - British, very contemporary
c) The Mulligans 
d) My Own Private Idaho - yet another 'late-bloomer' story, but very well-chosen cast, in my view
e) Shelter - very realistic, I would say
f) Brokeback Mountain - on a light note, even narrow-minded heterosexual men watch & re-watch this one - that has got to mean something, right? 

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