Monday, 20 June 2011

DIY: Velvet & Metal Feathers Bracelet

As I've already mentioned, I really want to start posting articles concerning all these DIY projects I'm so in love with. Apparently this is going to be my first article dedicated to the aforementioned theme. Enjoy!

This is a DIY velvet & metal feather ornaments bracelet. As you can plainly see it isn't too much of a big deal to make. I simply braided 3 velvet cords together, attached a locker mechanism and attached hoops with feather ornaments on them to the braid. Easy as that.

I think it's really cute, because it brings that summery feeling to a simple outfit. What I also like about it is that it can be used both for dressing up and dressing down an outfit. For example, one can easily dress UP a rather plain and unnoticeable outfit, just as easily as they can dress down a more put-together look, by giving it this Boho-chic hint.


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