Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Products I Regret Buying (vol. 1)

Bourjois' BIO detox organic powder
I have to admit, the first time reading about this powder in a magazine I was completely enthralled by the packaging. It was like nothing I had ever seen up to that moment. Indeed my expectations were quite high, regarding this product, so I guess the disappointment (partially!) came from my expectations colliding with reality (and my relfection in the mirror, d'uh).

The creators claim that: This is a perfecting powder, which keeps the face matte for 8 hours; gives a flawless finish; aids in the battle against impurities, imperfections, blemishes.
In reality: GOD, was I disappointed with this product... Allow me to enumerate the reasons why:

1. The colour range is icredibly limited (there are 4 shades only). Having in mind that this is a finishing powder (it gives tint/colour), the colour range should have been broader. Not to mention the fact that all of the shades were yellow-based, so those of you with pink undertones... well, you are simply out of luck. Naturally, having the skintone of a long-dead Chinese man, I went for the lightest shade (52 - Vanilla) and it turned out to be too dark for me.
P.S. I'm NC20 (Winter) & NC25 (Summer)

2. I'm perfectly fine with dewy finishes (even though, I am such a big fan of the matte finish, but whatever!), but it was clearly stated that this powder gives a matte finish (for 8 hrs). Not only did it not keep my skin matte for more than 1-1.30hrs (my skin type is combitnation-to-oily), but it also made me sparkle int he Sun. There is NO glitter whatsoever, it is summer matte hen you look at it in the pan, but it gives a slight shimmer to the face.

3. This product actually accentuated my alrge pores on both sides of my nose bridge. I do not have particularly large pores, but after applying this powder, the Hiroshima & Nagasaki bombing started resembling a Sunday afternoon tea party, in comparison with my pores.

4. I apply my make-up in the morning and mid-way through the day I usually have to blot & repowder (basically, touch up here & there). Well, there is no touching up with this powder. It literally CAKES onto your face.

1. Nice packaging (rather extravagant if you ask me).

2. Enormous mirror, which rotates at 360 degress. (to stare at your enormous pores, undoubtedly!)

3. Hardly any smell to it.


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