Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Best product of the Month: March & April

Since March and April are officially 'ancient history' I believe it is high time I posted a Monthly "Best Product" review, so here it goes...

This article will be focusing on Skincode's Daily Defense & Recovery cream with SPF30
I had been on the lookout for a good SPF daily cream/moisturizer for ages when I stumbled upon this rather new Swiss brand of cosmetics. I looked it up on the Internet and was astonished to find out that they ahd been conducting experiment for over a decade, in order to come up with a revolutionary products, such as the ones from their "Essentials" line (they have 2 lines of products, which you may check out on their website: http://skincode.com/ ).

What it does:
It is made to be a daily cream with extremely light texture but great SPF. Offers amazing solar protection (SPF30 & SPF50). Soaks intot he skin for 4-5 minutes, leaving the skin semi-matte (so if you are going for the completely matte look, you'll probably need to dust some finishing powder on top of it). It also helps in the battle against free radicals & premature aging (slows down the process of aging, wrinkling; decreases chances of skin cancer; retains liquids in the skin). It is an excellent base for further application of make-up.

Other info:
1. Extremely precise pump (I usually need a pump & a half to cover my entire face & neck area).
2. Oil-free, Paraben-free.
3. 40ml / 1.4 FL.OZ
4. Contains Zinc Oxide, so if you are going to be taking flash photography, make sure you cover it up with some medium coverage powder or foundation, as the Zinc Oxide tends to flash back when beamed upon.
5. Sort of pricey: I paid about 37 Euros for 40ml

Hope you found this review helpful!

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