Sunday, 27 March 2011

My Updated Daily Routine + Skincare

I will be startig from the very point of waking up in the morning + including timings and extra info if applicable):

4am: Waking up + Showering. In the shower: shaving (Philips RQ 1095), Exfoliating (Garnier's Pure 3 in 1), Cleansing (Avene's Cleanance Gel)
4:30am: Blow-drying my hair, Toning ( Evene's Cleanance Anti-shine purifying toner in dual phase), Moisturizing (Vichy's Normaderm Moisturizing cream)
5am: Straightening my hair (CHI's Hair Ion straightener), Applying daily SPF cream
6am: Priming my face (Avene's Cleanance anti-shine regulating lotion), Applying Concealer (Seventeen's Ideal Concealer in 02), Applying Foundation (Revlon's Colorstay, using a damp sponge), Filling in my eyebrows (Miss Claire's waterproof eyebrow pencil in Espresso), Setting my make-up with M.A.C.'s Fix Plus, Applying Translucent Powder (Lumene's Loose Powder in Neutral), Applying Lip Balm (Avene's Cold cream with SPF 15)
6.50am: Dressing up & leaving for School
7.30am-1.30pm (touching up my make-up throughout the day if needed. Most likely blotting my face with a hankie & reapplying some powder if needed)
at home: Removing my make-up (Vichy's Purette Thermale cleansing milk), Removing make-up from pores, hairline and jawline, eyes (Galenic's Micellar cleansing serum for eyes and face), Exfoliating (Garnier's Pure 3 in 1), Removing last bits of make-up (if any!) (Neutrogena's visibly clear eliminating toner - I don't really like using toners, but I mainly use them to make sure that I've removed every last bit of make-up on my face), Cleansing (Avene's Cleanance gel), Matifying (Avene's Cleanance anti-shine purifying toner), Moisturizing (Vichy's Normaderm moisturizing Night cream), Applying acne ointment (and smelling like poop! ^.^), Applying night time eye cream (skincode's Firming eye contour gel).


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