Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Best Product of the Year: 2010

I've never done a 'Best Product of the Year' before, but I see it only appropriate, especially having in mind the end of 2010 is just round the corner, to create such a review-based article. I truly believe M.A.C.'s Studio Fix Powder deserves this award. I am utterly unable to even begin to explai how great this product is. I would like to begin by stating some of its obvious advantages:
1. It is considered to be a Powder + Foundation product. What this means is that it is a powdery consistence, but it once applied onto your skin's surface, it blends in with your natural complexion and loses its powdery/caky finish, that usually powders tend to leave.
2. It offers medium to full coverage. It is great for covering up blemishes, moderate scarrings, discoloration/dispigmentation.
3. It is buildable. This one of the main reasons for me to choose this product as THE best for 2010. Buildable powders are extremely hard to find and usually they tend to be quite caky. This is not the case with MAC's Studio Fix Powder. It can be applied in layers and ofer amazingly heavy-duty coverage.
4. It blends in nicely with your natural skin tone (provided you do pick the right shade for yourselves). This is really good, in general, as it allows you to avoid applying make-up onto your neck & lower neck-line. You can simply soften the application of this product when approaching the jaw-line, thus creating an even texture and color for further touch-ups.
5. It can be applied with a sponge (I do NOT recommend this method of application, although it does come with a sponge in the set, but in my view, too much product gets absorbed in the sponge, while applying it, even when working with a damp sponge), with a brush (I prefer using a powder domed brush for this one, a flat-top one or a kabuki brush) and even with your fingers (though, it would be really time-consuming if you were to try this on your entire face).

As for drawbacks... I can't really say there are any, as I do believe this product is simply amazing.
I hope this review was somewhat helpful. Enjoy!

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