Sunday, 19 December 2010

Aesthetic Circumcision: Yes or No?

Aesthetic surgery has been around us for over a century now and as much as some of us would simply love to deny it, it has a lot of benefits, most of which, though, having to do with today's superficial concepts of prosperity, beauty and the world's craze for symetry. Personally speaking, I am in favour of cosmetic/aethetic surgery, as I believe it gives an individual a chance for a brand new start. Let's face it, looking half-way decent is the least one can do before heading for the streets, right? I mean, you don't actually go to an interview/party/meeting without brushing your hair or picking up your clothing pieces first, right?
But in this article, I would like to direct your attention to something a little more... private. Yes, I am referring to your privates, gentlemen. I am not planning on going into detailed desciptions on how a procedure of circumcision is performed. I am simply going to accentuate the positive and negative aspects of undergoing circumcision at a later stage of your life (yes, I am not going to elaborate on circumcision at birth, as I am not quite familiar with all the religious beliefs that involve circumcision of a male infant, immediately after birth).
UNCIRCUMCISED: to me, an uncircumcised penis has always looked more natural and frankly, it truly is, as it is part of male genetics (98.2% of all the cases, as there is a condition, in which a male is given birth, without the existence of foreskin). Another thing about having foreskin, attached to your phallus, is that, due to the foreskin's function of protecting/covering the head/glans/tip it retains its natural sensitivity, meaning uncircumcised men reach the apex of orgasm faster than their respective "opponents" (note: this is not always a good thing!) The aforementioned function of the foreskin is not its only purpose. It also hydrates the foreskin. Not literally, though. What the foreskin does, is that it keeps natural secretions intact, so that the glans will not lose its sensitivity and moisture (coarse tissue is a no-no!) According to a research I stumbled upon recently, the bulk of uncircumcised men prefer staying this way, simply because they would not need lubricant in order to perform masturbation.
CIRCUMCISED: Here are just a few of the positive aspects of having your genitals circumcised... Cleanliness. A major superiority of a cut penis to an uncut one is that it's a lot easier to maintain proper personal hygiene, in terms of avoiding redness, infections, parasitic fungi, nasty smells etc. Also, from an aesthetic point of view, it looks a lot better (don't get judgemental, it's simply my personal view!). Some people even say, that a circumcised penis looks bigger (in length) than a same-lengthed uncircumcised one. I am not the one to judge, but it does sound logical. Perhaps the greatest advantage of undergoing the process of circumcision is that, due to the lack of foreskin, the glans will lose part of its natural sensitivty. Yes, it will become less sensitive to touch and friction, but this will only make you last longer, when being intimate with a partner.

I did an extensive research on both of the abovementioned categories and I hope you enjoyed my input on the topic. Also, take delight in the picture material!

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