Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Best Product of the Month: November

Best product of the Month: Clinique's Anti-Blemish Solutions Spot Treatment Gel
The reason why I believe this product deserves to be called the best of November is, that it truly does what is written in its description. Personally, my skin is acne-prone and prone to break-outs in general. Regardless of whether you feel a bum on your face that is to spring into a whitehead in less than an hour, or you're dealing with a full-size pimple, or even acne scarrings, this product will do the job for you.
One thing you should keep in consideration is that it literally burns your skin. Personally, to me the sensation felt more like a piercing pain that lasted for about 2 minutes straight, but it dissipates soon enough. Clinique's spot treatment gel does burn your skin and leaves redness on the particular spots (for about a day or so), but leaves no trace of there ever being a pimple (or any other imperfection) on your face.
If I have to sum it up, I'd put it as follows:
Pros: dries out pimples, whiteheads, moderate scarrings
Cons: pain factor, temporary leftover redness, dry patches of skin

I hope this review was helpful, at least to some extent.

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