Friday, 12 November 2010

Review: Revlon Colorstay Foundation

To be honest, I really enjoyed reviewing a product for you (referring to 'Best Product of the Month' article), so I decided to review another product, which I particularly like. It is Revlon's Colorstay Liquid Foundation.
It is rather difficult to explain why I love this foundation, but I shall try to tell you its pros & cons (and believe me when I say, it has loads of pros and hardly any cons)!
First of all, I'd like to point out that the Colorstay Foundation (and Generally Revlon) is a drugstore makeup foundation, hence it is a lot cheaper than M.A.C. or Clinique foundations. A definite plus of this product has to be the fact that it literally sticks to your face and lasts you an entire day, without smearing or creasing (regardless of your skin type). The Colorstay series has a wide range of colors and shades, so do not be intimidated to test a whole bunch, as I had to go through 4 different shades of sample products, in order to find my true color. Also, a great thing about this foundation is that the different shades are separated into categories, in relation to your skin type (they have ones for Oily, Oily-to-Combination, Combination, Dry-to-Combination and Dry), which is extremely thoughtful of Revlon, as we all need to consider our skin type when choosing a foundation. It is medium to full coverage and it is buildable. The consistency is rather thick, thus, speaking of personal experience, I strongly advise you to use either your fingers or a damp sponge. Foundation brushes are bound to leave marks on your finished look, due to the thickness of the consistency.
An absolute drawback to this product is its lack of a pump. You have to pour it either on to the back of your hand or on a palette, which is a pain in the neck.
Other than that, Revlon's Colorstay Liquid Foundation is an amazing Drugstore foundation. It is cheaper than most brand-name liquid foundations, but in many aspects, it is simply superior.
I hope you found this review useful.

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