Sunday, 7 November 2010

Best Product of the Month: October

I've been thinking about starting such a monthly edition of articles for some time now and I believe it's high time I did one.
I am completely aware of the fact, that the title is pretty much self-explanatory, but allow me to say for the sake of this article being the first of its kind. I am going to be posting such articles, entirely dedicated to a single product (that I have chosen myself, based on personal opinion and experience), explaining why I believe it deserves such honors and a wee bit of background/side information.
Without further ado, I'de like to unveil the mystery around this month's best product.

Best Product of the Month: Lumene's Translucent Loose Powder

This tiny miracle worker is a life savior, when it comes to giving your facial makeup that unique finishing touch. It completes your look, giving you a matte finish, regardless of your skin type (dry, combination or oily). Its purposes are practicly endless. You can use it as a setting powder, to fx your makeup and set it in place, without worrying about smearing it, as it is as light, as a feather. You can also use it to touch up your makeup throughout the day, if you happen to break out in oily spots (T-zone or any other). It is completely devoid of any color/tint, hence you may use it as a blot powder, taking care of excessive oils and it will never alter your overall complexion. Another great use of this item is as a soft & subtle base for further makeup application, as it adds no color to your skin's surfacea and keeps it dry for a rather long period of time.
Another thing about the Lumene's Translucent powder is that its packaging is really convenient and something I really want to stress upon is that the applicator is extremely soft and an absolute delight to use.

I hope you found this information useful.

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