Wednesday, 25 August 2010

This Year: Full Eyebrows!

If you are wondering how to pluck your eyebrows, stop right now! Leave them to bush up a bit and then just give them a little bit of shape. This year, it is all about the brows! Full eyebrows are 2009's Floral patterns.

Generally, every eyebrow shape should depend on the shape of your face and, most of all, on your facial features. But mainly due to the fact, that the eyebrows are somewhat of the unifying element of your face, you need to pay special attention to them. First of all, as I already mentioned, this year is all about the full brow. In order to get such a rare specimen, you would probably need to leave them to grow a bit (don't worry over looking like Shrek, get yourself a nice 'brow waxing pencil' and you will easily conceal any outgrown hairs!).

I want to say, that the method I am about to explain refers only if you are keen on getting a full eyebrow. It does not apply for shaping up regular to thin eyebrows.

Having said that, look at yourself in the mirror. Using a brow pencil or any makeup pencil of choice, draw a small dot right in the middle of your forehead. This is a bit tricky, as you would need to be quite precise when doing this, as this will be your main guide for all the further steps. Then follow an imaginary (don't draw this time!) line, starting from your tear duct and ending in the dot you drew in the middle of your forehead (look at picture material). The point where the line crosses with your brow bone should be the beginning of your brow. Now, when it comes to a fuller brow, the beginning of the brow should be the thickest part (naturally, there are brow pencils that can do the trick of filling up the brows for more density). From then on, everything should narrow down. When dealing with a full brow, there is no brow arch (arch is the highest and thickest part of your brow, according to 2009 standards, lol that was nasty of me). The eyebrow should end somewhere by the end of your brow bone, but if you are having issues finding that, just imagine a line, starting from the end of your nostril, going through the outer corner of your eye and wherever it crosses with your brow line, this is your spot.
I want to say once more that this is a guide to getting a fuller, bushier brow, according to 2010 trends.

P.S. Here are some nice products for helping you throughout your eyebrows grooming experience:
- an eyebrow pencil, with the appropriate color for your own complexion
- a brow brush (available at any cosmetic's store); a toothbrush would also do the trick
- an eyebrow wax pencil (a nice concealer and shaper of eyebrows, but you would probably need some previous experience with this item, before applying it directly onto your face)

I hope you found this guide useful!

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