Tuesday, 24 August 2010

She loves you, but... She loves your butt.

Personally, I never really perceived the buttocks as an important fragment, so to speak, of the human body. It just never occurred to me. Naturally, I had my view-altering experience, when I stumbled upon a poll, included in a magazine article, according to which, the area (in male individuals) that receives the most attention, turns out to be the buttocks! There were a bunch of comments, probably posted by readers, saying that it was precisely the male arse that appealed to them the most. That is why I did this research on male buttocks, exercises to shape it up and I also included picture material for... personal delight.

The buttocks is comprised of (the bulk of it, that is) the gluteus maximus and the gluteus medius muscles, which are among the largest muscles in the human body. They are covered by a layer of fat, and that is what shapes the form of the human buttocks.

The muscles located on your buttocks area are quite susceptible to modification, when it comes to shapin' up that booty. Walking being a key element in the lifestyle of any human being, buttocks' muscles are considered quite developed among the majority of people. But when you reach the state of desire for something more, something that others can... grab on to... then it is time for some serious work!
There are some rather simple, but quite useful exercies, that you can perform just about anywhere.
1. Put your hands agains the wall (or any vertical plain) and stay at an approximately 75-80 degrees angle. Then startlifting up your leg backwards, without bending it in your knee or ankle. Perform these movements by taking turns with your left & right leg. Strech as far back, as you possibly can, to obtain maximum efficiency. Repeat about 40-50 times.
2. Lie down on the ground, with your face against the floor. Keep your arms close to the torso and stay like that (get a pillow or a cushin if you are not comfortable). Using your upper body region as a base, try lifting up your entire "leg area", without bending your legs in your knees or ankles. Lift up as much as you can and then lower it, withot touching the ground. Repeat about 20 times.

I hope these exercises help you out. They certainly proved to be quite beneficial to me. Expecting feedback!

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