Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Say 'NO' to inconveniences!

As promised, I am writing my article about what I include in my... Let's call it an extended "emergency kit". Let's face it- when it comes to items that come in handy in emergencies, you simply can't draw the line with just a few of the necessities.
Alright, so the items I put in my emergency kit and almost always come in handy are, as it follows:
1. breath spray: sometimes you simply can't chew gum, out of formality.
2. chap stick/lip balm: pointless to comment on, as I believe it is one of the absolute must-haves.
3. tooth brush + paste: I like those 2 in 1 brush & paste sets.
4. concealer: you never know when a pimple might decide to pop up in the middle of your face, completely out of the blue, right?
5. pimple treatment: I am referring to the spot treatment devices (SOS stylos).
6. a mirror: unless you carry another reflective item with you, this is a definite must-have!
7. a condom: should I comment at all?
8. brush for HAIRS: this is a bit of a personal issue, but I really hate it when I am wearing some pigmented color garment and hairs are all over it (animal hairs, synthetic fibre hairs, etc).
9. hand sanitizer: offers protection against common bacteria, to some extent.
painkillers: unless you are immune to headaches, this has "emergency" written all over it.
11. tiny bottle of perfume: I prefer carrying a tester-bottle, the ones they give you for free at cosmetic stores.
12. makeup removing wipes: in case you decide to give yourself a new, fresher look.
13. thermal water: I am referring to the ones in pressured container and pulverizers.
14. face wash: my skin does tend to be quite oily when it comes to the T-zone (chin, nose, forehead), so I use a face wash regularly throughout the day.
15. stain remover: I discovered this a few years back, but it has saved my life on numerous occasions. I am referring to the stain pens (Google it!)
16. makeup kit: I like to carry the things, I apply (referring to makeup here) in the morning, with me throughout the day, just in case I need to freshen up or to reapply. Usually, this would include Bioderma's Pore Refining Primer (I have written an article about it), MAC's Studio Fix (in nc30), some setting/loose powder and my powder/foundation brush (by Sephora or MAC).
17. Q-tips: sometimes I get smudges around my eye area and these are perfect for blending in, when lacking the suitable fine brush.

Ok, so I believe this is pretty much everything when it comes to me being prepared for all sorts of emergencies throughout the day. I hope I've been of service and have presented an adequate and exhaustive solution to "everyday" issues.

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