Monday, 16 August 2010

Sephora Express

Ok, I've been thinking about this article for quite some time now, and I finally got round to writing it. It is, as the title clearly points out, related to the Sephora Express Kit. Basically, it is an emergency kit that can save you from a potential disaster at inconvenient moments.
If you would look at the attached picture, you would clearly see all the contents, but I'd like to pay special attention to each and every component, as I find it necessary to draw up the pros & cons.

1. Toothbrush: an absolute must-have on all sorts of travels. But where's the tooth paste? Definitely a drawback to the set.
2. Container: I feel obliged to say that this is pretty ingenious to include a tiny container for just about anything- from fake lashes to jewellery.
3. Antibacterial Hand Gel: also, another must-have.
4. Hair brush: pretty handy in those "bad hair days" we all have.
5. Makeup removing hankies: bullseye! Many makeup kits lack this particular item and it would have been a terrible drawback if the case were the same.
6. Odour Wipe: really refreshing, but the scent is rather peculiar, a bit like a pharmacy.

That's pretty much it for Sephora's Express Kit. I am thinking of posting an article with the things I keep in my Emergency Kit(s) some time soon.

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