Saturday, 13 October 2012

Monthly Favourites & Why I've been M.I.A. for a Few Months

The first product I'd like to mention is Got2be's 2 Sexy Collagen Mousse. It comes off as a foam, much like shaving foam, and has a pleasant raspberry smell to it. I apply this to towel-dry hair after a shower, followed by drying my hair with a diffusing hairdryer. It gives my hair plenty of volume and body and the fruity smell lingers throughout the entire day. I got mine from Boots, but I believe Superdrug have it, as well.

Next up is Paula's Choice Weightless Finish Sunscreen Spray SPF30. I had heard/read a lot of positive reviews of this product prior to purchasing it. It takes me about 3-5 pumps to cover my entire face. It comes off as a transparent, oily liquid, which dries to a matte finish in about 5 minutes. It doesn't have any effect on the longevity of my makeup staying power (which for future reference is about 7-8 hours without having to blot a shine nose). Sunscreens have always been tricky with my skin, as it is very sensitive and most sunscreens do break me out almost immediately (curse you, Titanium Oxide/Zinc Oxide!) However, I haven't been experiencing any breakouts with this product and I have been using it for about a fortnight now. The drawback to this product is probably the price, especially having in mind that the bottle is just 118ml (4 fl. oz.) I bought it for about 19 pounds from their website and this was PP included.

The next product has a funny story behind it, actually. I am talking about QuinodermI had been using Panoxyl (10% Benzoyl Peroxide) to combat any breakouts and it had been working fantastically. However, at one point Stiefel (the manufacturer of this cream) pulled it off the market and I was freaking out. A few days later when I went to Boots Pharmacy and asked whether they had anything Benzoyl Peroxide-based, they suggested I tried Quinoderm (10% Benzoyl Peroxide, 0.5% Potassium Sulphate) and I was reborn. It works miracles! If I have a whitehead, a subsurface pimple or even a blackhead - it's gone within a few hours (I usually apply it night time, prior to moisturisers & serums).
WARNING: Benzoyl Peroxide BLEACHES. Pillow cases, hair, beard... It will bleach everything on its way, but it's worth it!

As you can probably tell from the picture, I've incorporated a lot of skincare products into my routine, as I found that as Autumn was slowly approaching (and now that it's here), my skin has been experiencing its seasonal dryness here and there - primarily on my chin, corners of my mouth & lower cheeks region. I have been a fan of Vichy's skincare line for years now and I opted for Vichy Aqualia Antiox Serum. It is a serum (d'uh...) which I apply after I cleanse my face before bed. I use 2-3 squirts of the pipette to cover my entire face. It usually takes about 10 minutes for it to sink in and prepare my face for a heavy duty moisturiser, like the next product - Vichy Aqualia Thermal 48-hour Hydration Cream. When they say "48-hour hydration", they MEAN it. I apply this at about 11pm at night and wake up at 5:30am to find a heavy-duty residue left on my face. It is very moisturising, but for those of us who are experiencing dry skin... Let's face it - we need it. I take about a pea-sized amount and cover my entire face, concentrating on any fine lines (which in my case is basically my nostril-cheek lines). Vichy had a promotion going in September (3 for 2), so I also got Vichy Aqualia Thermal Eye Roll-On. I don't suffer from undereye bags, but I do have dark circles. Whether I have witness them diminishing... No, I haven't. But I am willing to give this product the benefit of the doubt and continue using it until I'm out. 

Now onto more beauty-related favourites...

I suppose it comes as no surprise to anybody that the cologne I've been using over the past 2 years is Clinique Happy. I love how fresh and clean it makes me smell. It is very light for a cologne, but it does last all day long. You can find it at any Clinique counter and ask for a sample/tester bottle or a spritz sheet. 

Once again making it into my "Favourites" is Yves Saint Laurent Eyebrow Pencil in #3. Like I've said before - it is the perfect eyebrow colour of ashy blonds & light brunettes like myself. Remember the rule of thumb - always go for either 2 shades lighter (for brunettes) or 2 shades darker (for blondes), when it comes to eyebrow shading. This eyebrow pencil is, like most others, very waxy, which helps it stay put for good 12-14 hours. It has a brush on the other side, which makes it a perfect addition to your "On the Go Beauty Bag". 

This next product is something I never expected to like, as I have never been much of a fan of Rimmel London. However, their pressed powders have utterly impressed me. I have tried their Stay Matte collection, but the product I enjoy using the most is their Clear Complexion Clarifying Powder in Transparent. It sets my makeup, doesn't look cakey even if I blot throughout the day. All in all, it is a very good powder for the price. I got mine from Superdrug for 5 pounds, but I believe you can find it for 4 pounds, as well. 

And the last product is something everybody raves about, everybody loves it and with a reason. This is my 4th bottle of M.A.C. Fix+. I spray about 3-4 pumps of this on my face and it gets rid of the powdery effect I may end up having after setting my foundation. I also use it to freshen up throughout the day if my face is feeling a bit dull or dry. Brilliant product.

With regards to why I was gone for a good few months... I had a bit of a turbulent Summer. I am not going to be getting into details, as they are all personal matters and this is a public blog, so I would appreciate it if you would respect my decision. However, I will be posting more articles soon, some of which would be dedicated to my Non-Beauty Favourites, College/University Topics, Games (Yes, you heard me right - GAMES!) etc.

As always, thank you for reading and I hope you found this article helpful. 

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