Saturday, 12 May 2012

Why I should be the next Whatstrend Blogger?

Hello, lovelies! It is a brilliant day in London: sunny with a slight breeze, puffy clouds in the sky... Absolutely marvellous. I find that the weather is quite an inspirational force to me.

Anyway, being a "weather man" is not the reason for this blog post today. The true reason is that Whatstrend have announced that one of their members of staff is resigning and there is a spot available for the potential "New Whatstrend Blogger" (click for more information). Naturally, being a true-blue fashion addict, I couldn't resist but to try my luck & see where I stand in the eyes of professional bloggers, as a blogger myself. I only see it appropriate to tell you a few things about myself, as a fashion-addicted blogger & why I reckon I would be a worthy complement to your team. I am originally from Plovdiv, Bulgaria. Currently, I reside in London, UK. One of the things that amazes me about this city is the varity it has to offer on many different levels. When it comes to my personal style, I tend to be quite versatile. I enjoy incorporating pieces of different styles, thus creating an amalgamation of peculiarity & reminiscence. To me, fashion is one of the most elegant ways to channel one's personality & turning it from a characteristic into a statement. I am addicted to certain fashion trends, which are described by, but not limited to... decay, nostalgia, aztec, transgression, vintage. Some of my favourite fashion pieces include: loose, oversized sweaters/jumpers, skinny jeans, free-flowing cardigans, nature-inspired jewellery, braces, big bags.

Reasons why I should be the next Whatstrend Blogger

First of all, I am always on the lookout for inspiration. I find it in nature, in high-end fashion, street-style, urbanesque motifs, architecture, historical sites, various cultures & many other sources of personal englightenment. 

I believe in diversity in fashion & styling. Like many other things in life, without diversity, one can't simply appreciate the individuality & uniqueness of an outfit or a fashion piece. Following the same line of thought, I want to say that the diversity, offered to us by Whatstrend is truly immense. I visit your blog on a daily basis, which is no surprise, as your site is marked as the second most visited Website by my browser, both on my laptop & on my phone (second only to However, I also believe that what you guys are often missing is the male perspective of fashion & style. I really dislike the fact that the majority of fashion blogs out there are primarily focused on female trends, fashion & style. Men deserve a place in the spotlight, as well. Lookbook & Chictopia are one of the very few sites that have utterly broken the boundaries between male & female fashion territory and that is something I utterly value. 

I would also like to add that I blog about a variety of aspects of life. As you can clearly see, my blog is about Lifestyle, Fashion & Make-up. I understand that not being a strictly fashion-related blogger may come across as a drawback to my application, but like I said, style is a word that, to me, means diversity. I do believe my blog offers a solid diversity of topics, themes & concepts and I hope you keep me in consideration when it comes to choosing your next Whatstrend blogger. I wish the best of luck to all participants and as for you, members of Whatstrend, keep up the good work. You really are a brilliant group of people. 


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