Friday, 4 May 2012

20th Birthday: Yay or Nay?

Hello there! So it was my 20th Birthday a few days ago and I wasn't planning on celebrating it, but my boyfriend surprised me with a birthday dinner & drinks and really sweet gifts. SO sweet, I just couldn't help myself, but to share with you what I received for my Birthday.

I received a Happy Tree Friends box set (season 1), as my boyfriend knows just how much I enjoy those little munchkins! Flaky & Flippy are my favourites, by the way!

I also received a Happy Tree Friends (Gory Mole) Memory Stick, which totally rocks, if I may add!

Another thing is, he hired a professional photographer and had them take couply pictures of us & gave me the CD with all the pictures. They look really good.

Overall, it was a sweet birthday, mainly because I got the chance to spend it with a person I love & cherish.
Thank you, baby!

P.S. I am 20... Still processing the thought...


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