Monday, 19 December 2011

Wishlist: In the DISTANT future

I just found out that Glamcor (click!) sell this amazing Make-up Station and I just fell in love with it.

IMPORTANT: Sex Monkey, do NOT read this! xxx

The reason why it differs from other make-up stations we see on "behind the scenes" of fashion events, runways etc, is that it comes with extremely birght lighting, electrical plugs for all sorts of appliances, huge compartments and, interestingly enough, speakers! In other words, you can sotre everything you need, beauty-wise, and listen to music from your phone (any phone with a standart 3.5mm jack), mp3-player (3.5mm jack) etc. They come in 3 different colours: black, carbon grey & white.

Seriously, when I start making money on my own, have the chance to save up and if they haven't come up with even better make-up studios (hard to imagine it possible, but still...), this is definitely getting on my "To Buy" list.


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