Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Skinny: 101

A few days ago I had the incredible chance to look at myself in the mirror and what I saw was an image grotesque. Apparently, someone had put on some weight. I had to think of something and went low-calorie food shopping and came back quite satisfied with my purchases.
However, before you direct your attention to the visual attachment to this article, allow me to walk you through some of the past weight-losing methods of mine & tell you 1 or 2 drawbacks to each of them...

- starvation: an oldie, but goodie. Hint: cease the diet when your fingernails turn blue-to-purple
-fruits: I absolutely hated it. 2nd day and I was already offering my left kidney for steak
-steamed veggies: prepare yourselves for the ultimate lack of taste. Quite nutritious, though
-yoghurt: increased my stomach's sensitivity
-breakfast only: woozy & blacking out
-limited meals & vomiting after a substantial one: teeth discolouration
-rancid milk for breakfast: shat myself to Jupiter & back
-baby food: effects similar to Rancid Milk ones
-coffee & cigarettes: heart skipping beats (not in a good way, though!)
-rice crackers: felt like "chewing" water
-green tea for breakfast: hated it so much, I actually switched to starvation b/c of it

My Current Balanced, yet weight-loss-efficient food intake:
1. Breakfast
-Kellog's Special K with skimmed milk (less than 0.1% fat) ~123 kCalories
-RedBull sugarfree (substitute of the glorious morning coffee) ~3 kCalories

2. Lunch
-1x Alpen Bar ~70 kCalories
-cup of Green Tea ~1 kCalories

3. Dinner
-Heinz Squeeze & Stir soup (Minestrone Soup) ~70 kCalories

Total kCalories taken in for the Day:
267 kCalories

I hope you found this article helpful!