Friday, 16 December 2011

Christmas came early this Year!

I am spending Christmas away from my family and to be honest, I am quite happy about it. I suppose it's one of those key moments in life when something traditionally perceived as "a family holiday" turns into "an away from the family holiday", when you realize you are stepping into adulthood for good.
Anyhow, since I wasn't going home for X-mas, I decided to spend the cash that otherwise would have been spent on gifts for family members & friends, on myself. So I bought a few items (I did NOT buy them all at once, but I have accumulated them over the period of 2 weeks).
P.S. Sorry about the overly abundant pictures of the ring, but I got it today and I am loving it to bits.

1. Brown (Faux) leather bag from ASOS. I've been looking for a big brown leather bag for ages, as with every single day passing, I find it more & more difficult to fit all my items I need for the day in my regular bags. It is a barrel bag, which you can see here: click!

2. Shopper bag from ASOS. I've seriously been looking everywhere for shopper bags that aren't from your local Gift Shop, that say "I Love London!" all over them. This one has a nice faded black & white print. The background is white/creamy/taupe colour. You can see it here: click!

3. Jointed Ring from Camden Market. I bought it literally an hour ago. It was 10 quid and I believe it is amazing, especially for what I paid for it. For better idea of what it looks like up close, I've uploaded additional images (quite a few!)


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