Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Review: Garnier Pure 24hrs Moisturizing Care

First, I want to apologize, as this review has been long overdue, but I've accumulated a whole bunch of new products and in my attempt to try the all out, I completely lost track of the order I was supposed to follow.

To begin with, let's focus on what the product claims to do:
-24hrs moisture: Definitely not. My skin has gotten so dry lately, I am literally flaking and I don't really see a difference, regardless of whether I am using this product or not.
-Treats imperfections: This statement is very dubious on its own. Treats them how exactly? I haven't noticed any rapid diminution of redness of past acne scars etc, but then again, the product isn't breaking me out at all.
-Leaves the skin feel sooth and comfortable: Yes, it does have a slight cooling effect, provided that's what they meant.

Overall, I like the product, because it sinks in the skin within seconds after application, don't feel oily, greasy or sticky afterwards. It doesn't give me any shine whatsoever. I believe this product deserves 6/10.


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