Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Drugstore Favourites!

I know I haven't been updating my blog lately, but I have been very busy around school and everything, but I am posting this article now, dedicated to my drugstore favourites for my 1st month here. They are all displayed on the image above, but here is a short description and my personal opinion/mark for each of them:

1. Durex Play Aloe Vera lube: really like this lube. Doesn't irritate even after a while. No need for 2nd/3rd etc application. Soothing sensation as well. (4 pounds)
2. Carex Hand Gel with Aloe Vera: I am not a germ freak, but since I'm studying all the time here, I can't actually get sick leave, as I need to keep up with my papers. This little guy comes in handy in everyday situations. (99p)
3. Caffeine Pills: when you don't have time to go & get yourself a cup of coffee, these work wonders! You shouldn't take more than 4/day, as 1 is equal to the caffeine in a shot of black coffee, so moderation should be applied. (1 pound)
4. EcoTools Convertable Powder brush: I've been looking for a convertable kabuki for ages and Ifinally found one. Soft in touch, dense in texture, firm brissles. The perfect kabuki (4 pounds)
5. EcoTools Convertable Foundation brush: I've been avoiding heavy coverage foundations for a year now & my skin really feels better with light-to-medium coverage ones. A definite drawback to these foundations is that they transfer A LOT. So after a sneeze (and having to blow my nose) I need to touch up on my foundation & this is a really good brush for that. (4 pounds)
6. Maybelline DreamMatte powder: Keeps me matte for 7-8 hours, doesn't break me out. This stuff is pure gold! (6 pounds)
7. Oil Absorbing Sheets: These were actually pretty cheap. I bought them from Superdrug and didn't have high expectations, but they are actually pretty good (70p)
8. Lip Butters, The Body Shop: I am obsessed with these. There was a special offer going on when i got mine. 3 for the price of 2, so I bought Coconut (8/19), Strawberry (9/10) & Watermelon (10/10). (4 pounds in total for the three, 1 was free)
9. Pill Organiser: I bought this at Boots' Pharmacy. It's really convenient for a pill junkie like myself. (1 pound)


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