Monday, 30 May 2011

Best Product of the Month: May

As usual, I will be reviewing a cosmetics-related product for you guys, but this time, instead of it being a make-up product, it is a make-up tool. Naturally, the first thing that springs to mind is a make-up brush and a make-up brush it is.

I can't even begin to explain how much I LOVE this brush. It's virtually good for anything (excluding eye & lip products)! I am referring to Sephora's #43 Contour Blush & Bronzer brush (of their Professionnel line - the opaque black handles).

Physical Appearance and Initial thoughts:
-extremely soft bristles of natural origin (goat hairs)
-comfortable handle, perfect length and width
-soft bristles (not prickly), but sturdy enough, in order not to bend

Further on:
-gives this airbrush finish (almost immaculate)
-no shedding (after the initial wash, of course)
-perfect for liquid foundation, for pressed powder, for loose powder, for bronzer, for blush

Tips & Tricks on using:
-when using liquid foundation/pressed powder, you can stipple (for dry skin) and swirl for combination/oily skin
-when using loose pwoder, dusting over your face is not really efficient, so I would go for stippling
-when applying bronzer and/or blush, avoid dipping the brush in the substance and going for direct application. What I do is remove the bulk of the product by swirling the brush on the back of my hand and then going for the face

How to Maintain:
-just as you would wash your synthetic brushes: lukewarm water, baby shampoo/brush cleanser/foaming gel, conditioner, leave to dry on a cloth/towel


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