Sunday, 1 August 2010

Bulimia: What is your Thinspiration?

Following closely what's going on in Hollywood, I've noticed a recurrent thing going on. Just like fashion is said to come and go in cycles or periodically, I believe the same goes for the most practiced ways of losing weight among celebrities.
To back up my statement, I'd like to first and foremost, explain what a "thinspiration" means.
Basically, a thinspiration is something you use to motivate you to lose weight, one way or another. Most common thinspirations are photos from the past where you don't quite "fit" in the picture, or perhaps an old pair of baggy jeans, which you couldn't button up back then? Or may be a memory of throwing up from overeating? Examples are countless.
But mostly, in this post, I wanted to focus on throwing up after consuming food, as a way to lose weight. Personally, I find this way effective, but also, quite dangerous for your digestive system.
One of the main reasons why bulimia is treated as a mental disorder is because eventually after a certain period of continuous vomiting, the organism adjusts so that ultimately, it becomes impossible to stop ourselves from barfing all the food we've consumed, regardless of wish or will. Which, on its own, has a pretty good chance of leading to inability to feed properly, decline in physical strength and even death.
Bulimia was a serious threat for the youth in 2008, as it was then when the largest number of people, suffering from this disease, was recorded. The US government launched many campaigns against it and as of now- Bulimia is considered a surmounted obstacle of youth development.
But lately, I've noticed Bulimia picking up pace and establishing itself among teenage individuals, which leads me to infer that it is about to make a second stage performance.
There are many healthy ways to lose weight! True, perhaps they are not as effective and as pleasant, as getting to eat all the food your heart desires and yet to keep fit, but I believe that Bulimia is not an overcome difficulty and has yet to manifest itself.
Hope you find this useful and bear in mind the ominous outcome that bulimia can lead to.

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