Friday, 23 July 2010

My Jeans & I

I am usually quite attentive when regarding this topic and this time makes no exception. Of course, I am referring to the jeans. Possibly the ultimate must-have in everybody's closet, regardless of gender, style etc. Everybody loves'em, everybody wears'em. They were before, now & after.
But I would like to direct your attention to something more daring. Such as the task, which upon completion, is worthy of admiration. I am talking about finding the perfect pair of Jeans. I won't give you tips on color, texture, print, extra trinkets, sewing or anything like that, as I believe that all of the above-mentioned criteria are personal and should come as unique to an individual. I shall simply talk about the most common type of jeans there are and give a few tips to... improve your look when wearing jeans.
First, I'd like to break jeans down in categories. This will make my post much more lucid.
In terms of sewing, there are several types of jeans:
Baggy: do not define the line of your legs and hang quite loosely (I apologize for not paying as much attention to those, as I do not believe I have the proper expertise)
Standart: literally straight down from waist to ankles
Slim: do not define your thighs, but from the knees down are quite slim
Skinny: go by the silhouette of your legs, quite slim, from waist to ankles.

In terms of pigmentation (coloration), there also are several types (I'd like to point out that I am focusing on the different shades of blue jeans; not going to talk about colors beyond blue):
Indigo: super dark blue, almost going towards black
French: really pigmented and saturated blue color
Classical: standart blue jeans
Light: light tinted blue jeans
Bleached: extremely light color, hardly tinted in blue
Amalgamated: a mixture of blue + some other color (mostly grey, green & yellow)

I have given my opinion about the above-mentioned types of jeans in the uploaded images. You might be interested in a larger collection of jeans, which I am currently working on and will be uploaded shortly.

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