Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Loosen up those buttons!

You know it! It's the middle of June and almost all the Fashion Shows, Catwalks and Runways are over with reference to Fall/Winter 2010. As most designers are already featuring their 2011 Spring/Summer collections, I decided to brief you on what is going on right now and give you my personal feedback and opinion!
Ok, so basically it's all about loosening up and V-necks. Unbuttons cardigans, let down shirts, breeches, not to mention that everything is at least 2 sizes larger! You name it, it's there! I am not going to describe any more features of this season's particular style, as you can obviously see for yourselves. What I'm going to do is give you my personal feedback on the whole idea of this sudden Baggy movement.
Ok, to start with, I'd like to say that this style offers a great number of possibilities in terms of being "wearable" by people with different body constitution. To make myself sound more lucid to you, let me put it this way-baggy covers all!
Next thing would have to be the fact that this style does NOT constrain you to stick to baggy all the way. You can come up with your unique combos and still look stylish.
Enough of positive, allow me to express my negative feedback.
I feel obliged to say that if you have a great, athletic body, you have worked hard upon, this style might not be the best way to show it off. As I mentioned before, it does cover a lot of imperfections (such as love handles, a wee belly thing going on, skinny arms etc.) but seriously enough-it reveals almost nothing. Unless of course, it is combined with a great v-neck design where you can show a bit of flesh.
Ok, so my overall impression of this style is... Great idea, amazingly realized, gives freedom of expression (even though it still is a fashion flow). On the other hand, however, it is simply not going to suit just anybody's taste, so you would probably have to swallow your pride and put'em up!
Ok, well, I hope you guys got at least some idea of what Gucci, Dolce & Gabbana, Burberry, Topman, Trussardi etc. are all about this season. I uploaded some footage from this month's fashion show in Milan, hope you enjoy it.

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