Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Lips Alert!

It's often the case that people neglect the condition or state their lips are in. You will probably agree that people apply lipstick or lipgloss and that is pretty much it under the category of lip care. Truth is, you can't be too careful when it comes to lips. Have you noticed how easily the skin of your lips gets damaged (chapped)? Well that is because it is a different kind of tissue, that is much more vulnurable to outer factors.
One of the few things you need to be careful about are:
1. The Wind- number 1 culprit when it comes to chapped lips. Winter OR Summer, you need to be wary. Solution: always apply, if not lipgloss, then at least vaseline or mineral jelly.
2. The Sun- may be you have also noticed that your lips can also burn in the sun. In fact, the skin on your lips burns much faster than your epidermis. Solution: use vaseline with SPF (15+, no matter the skin tone!).
3. Stress! Believe it or not, but stress is a key factor when it comes to chapped lips. Apart from the fact that some people put under severe stress tend to bite their lips, the general condition of being under stress causes your lip skin to dry out and eventually chap. Solution: Avoid stressful situations AND wear vaseline!

Now, apart from keeping away from chapped lips, there are a lot of things to know about taking decent care of your lips. I happen to know some good ways of preparing "home-brewed potions" that can cure any kind of lip condition you happen to have.

1. Lip Scrub: This is important as it allows you to exfoliate GENTLY the dead skin cells on your lips (yes, there is dead skin EVEN on your lips!), without damaging the highly sensitive skin and also getting the smoothest lips ever!
Ingredients: 1 teaspoon of white CRYSTAL (not powder) sugar, 1/2 teaspoon of vaseline (you can get it from any drugstore/apothecary), now the next ingredient isn't necessary, but if you want your scrub to be flavoured then also add a TINY chunk of ANY flavoured vaseline stick you have (just cut a small piece).
How to prepare: Put all the ingredients together in a glass or porcelan bowl and put it in the microwave oven for about 15sec. Take it out and beat the mixture fast. Then put it in a preferable (up to You!) container and in the freezer for about 30min, just to harden up!
How to use: On clean lips, apply a small amount of the substance and scrub/rub with your finger all over your lips for about a minute. It is a weird feeling, but it takes some time getting used to. Afterwards, you can just lick it off (it's TASTY!) or wash your lips with cool water or just wipe it off with a towel/cloth.
Result: Your lips will feel much softer/smoother and you can do this every day!

2. Lip Balm: This is a really easy recipe to follow, but the ingredients need some browsing around.
Ingredients: an old lipstick, essencial oils (Refan stores, or any drugstore), vitamin E (drugstore), beeswax (Health/Diet stores), Cocoa butter (supermarkets).
How to prepare: Put the wax and the cocoa butter together in a pot/pan and melt them (it will probably take no more than 3mins). Add a mid-size chunk of your lipstick (just to add enough of a color) and pour the essencial oils in (just a few drops, but if you would like a stronger smell/taste then it is up to you really), as well. Stir! Take it off of direct heat and add 1/2 teaspoon of Vitamin E. Stir! Then pour in the preferable container and cool off in the fridge/freezer (for approx 30mins).
How to use: Kinda pointless to teach you how to use lip balm! xD D'uh...

This post turned into a journal, seriously... But I really wanted to give you the detailed way to prepare those two EXTREMELY good products at home and what I really wanted is to be precise.
That's it from me for now! Hope I get some feedback!

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