Saturday, 4 February 2012

Wishlist: February 2012

I haven't been doing a lot of clothing-related shopping over the past months and surprisingly enough, I don't see many items I'd like to purchase. However, there are some exceptions, present in the visual I've provided. For more information about each and every individual item, carry on reading...

1. Snooded top with gloved sleeves, ASOS
2. Retro, dual buckled satchel, ASOS
3. Vivienne Westwood skeletal pendant, ASOS
4. Spinal Ear Cuff, Topman
5. Feather pendant, ASOS
6. Semi-formal grey vest, Topman
7. Wrap-around leather watch, ASOS
8. Burgundy red, retro blazer, Topman
9. Loose, seethrough knitted top, ASOS
10. Burgundy red denim shorts, Topman

Sadly enough, my birthday is not really in the "near future", but if you are planning on buying me a present for whatever reason ;) , this post may prove to be helpful.


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