Sunday, 5 June 2011

Review: Syoss Heat Protect Styling-Spray

I've been testing the Syoss Heat Protect Styling-Spray for about 2 weeks now and I dare to say I've received enough data in order to make a proper and adequate review.

First of all, I'd like to mention what the product claims to do:
"...Protects from heat. Straightens the hair and makes it soft and shiny..."

My personal feedback:
I suppose I can only take their word for it, in terms of this product's alleged protection against heat damage. My hair has never suffered from a severe case of split ends, dryness or any other heat-induced damage result. I suppose it does coat the hairs with some heat isolation type of fluid, but I can never be certain of that.

To be completely honest, I can't really tell whether it straightens the hair, as I am straightening it via hair straightener, right after applying this product. I doubt the creators meant that this spray, on its own, would be capable of straightening one's hair. I DO believe though, that it helps the hair retain its straight appearance for an extended duration. I used this product, straightened my hair and the next morning, my hair was still in a decent condition, regardless of pillow/bed damage.

As for making the hair soft and shiny... In all honesty, it did make it softer I believe. Although, it's rather difficult for me to tell for sure, as I tend to deep-condition my hair rather often and my hair is always soft. In terms of giving it somewhat of a shine, I'd have to say no. It didn't make my hair any shinier at all.

I am rather pleased with this purchase. True, it does not do all the things that it says it does, but it doesn't make my hair greasy, nor does it make it any less voluminous. What I really like about this product is that it comes out in the form of a mist, which makes it easier for you to cover all areas of your hair. Also, this product does have a particular smell to it, but it dissipates completely by the time you start working with a heat appliance.

Tips & Tricks:
- Spray on moist hair and then blow-dry. It is faster than blow-drying and then spraying and then blow-drying again.
-When you spray onto your hair, wait for a minute or so before you start using hair straighteners, curling irons, hair driers.
-Spray st about 20-25cm away from your hair.

I hope you found this review helpful!

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