Saturday, 24 July 2010

Urban Trends 2010

Hello, guys! I was feeling really inspired today, because I had the most of the day off to myself and I had time to go through some catalogues & fashion/style magazines. So what I decided to do is, since I already posted what's going on worldwide this year in terms of trends and flows, I wanted to brief you on the Urban trends of this year. By "urban" I mean this specific style of not fully copying what you see on the catwalk, but breaking it down a little bit and... adjusting it to your own way & sense of fashion & style.
So in this post I will point out several items that are in this year (referring to Urban trends) and which allow you to experiment with your own style, that are really easy to integrate in anybody's wardrobe and still support the vogue.

-Firstly, I would like to talk about the denim tops (vest, shirt, fly-away, etc.) OK so generally, my personal overall opinion is that denim should stick to your legs, but to be honest I started accepting this style as an urban trend. It does give that cowboy hint in your overall appearance, which depending on your preferences you can enhance or subdue by using trinkets, tassel boots, cowboy hats, or by adding a bit of "tight" via little bows, urban shoewear etc.

-Blazers! Yes, blazers, yet again! They were in last year, and they are back again, with minor detail alterations, which I shall reveal further on. So a blazer definitely gives you this urban fashionable style and gives you enough freedom to be creative. Of course, there are hundreds of types of blazers, but this year the really HOT ones are the double row buttoned, shorter ones, with a bit of slash on the back. Now you should take into consideration your body constitution when choosing a proper blazer, as there are a lot of minorities, which can actually enhance your looks. I am referring to details, such as: epaulettes, color/shape of buttons, built-in belt, size of slash etc. Naturally, if you are really skinny, you won't go for epaulettes, big slash and huge buttons. Quite the opposite! And if you are kind of chubby, don't go for tony buttons, narrow button row or a small low neck.

-Military print. OK this is something new to me and to be fully honest, I really don't like it. Not the colors, but the very print itself. Although, the very print (mostly) consists of those typical military colors: pastel green, grey, beige etc. Now those colors are also IN. So if you are not willing to go for the military look, like myself, try those colors for size.

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